Episode 9 – Selections from the SCP Foundation

This week we bring you a curated selection from a project called the SCP Foundation. Unlike our usual tales here at Nighttime Stories, the veracity of this information can neither be confirmed nor denied; we bring you this information in the hope that understanding and knowledge can only preserve you! If you fear this isn’t the case, please, for what in our world is good and holy…

If you’re following along on the SCP Foundation site, please feel free to pause this recording at any point to go down a terrifying k-hole. As is appropriate for those who endeavor to secure, contain, and protect, much of the content on the site goes well beyond the information presented here, and is interlinked to be most helpful to you and I, the investigators.

From Jakal, who introduced us here at Nighttime Stories to the Foundation: “[S]ome of these are pretty grim, so make sure you’re in the mood for that before you dig into them.” Here, for your perusal, are the documents presented in today’s episode:


The content of this week’s episode from the SCP Foundation was released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. The only changes made were in adaptation to the format of the show.

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